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200A Speakers

£ 166.67 excl taxes

Brand new custom made speakers for the Wurlitzer 200A electric piano.

These are the newest and fourth-generation Wurlitzer model 200 series electric piano replacement speakers by Vintage Vibe.

Installation is a breeze with either your existing flower head screws or a new set from us. Purchase flower head screws here.

Sold in pairs.

Click here for polarity markings.

Note: Very early 200A pianos still used the 200 style speakers. Before placing your order, ensure that you are selecting the correct speakers for your instrument. One way to tell is to look for flower-head screws on the front of your plastic lid. If there are 4 screws present per side, you need 200A speakers. If no screws are present, you need 200 speakers. Another way, is to open your lid and look inside. If the speakers are mounted on the amp rail, you will need the 200 style speakers. If they are mounted on the lid, you will need 200A speakers.