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Vintage Vibe Wurlitzer Amplifier

£ 430.83 excl taxes

The latest edition Vintage Vibe Wurlitzer Amplifier for both the 200 and 200A models.


• Tremolo Speed Potentiometer: push-button switching between fully variable rate control and classic Wurlitzer rate mode.
• Tremolo Depth Potentiometer: fully variable control over the amount of effect
• Speaker Cut Switch (on pcb): mutes the speaker and headphone output signal.
• FX Loop: hear effects through the onboard speakers and Aux Output
• Stereo Headphone Jack: hear the amplifier’s mono output in both ears
• Aux Output Jack: send a clean signal out to an amplifier, FOH, mixing console, etc.
• Level Adjust Trimmer: sets the level feed to both the main and aux amplifier circuits
• Aux Output Trimmer: sets the level available at the Aux Output Jack
• Screw-Down Terminals and complete wiring kit: allow for easy installation

Kits Include:

• Amplifier PCB
• New volume potentiometer cable (requires soldering to existing volume potentiometer)
• Pre-wired tremolo potentiometer PCB assembly
• Pre-wired LED assembly (drill out neon bulb clip hole to 5/16")
• Pre-wired Aux Output Jack PCB
• Pre-wired Headphone Output Jack PCB (requires soldering existing wiring from speaker to PCB)
• Shielded foil tape for securing Transformer primary wires to rail
• Concentric knob set for Variable Tremolo control

FX Loop:

• Pre-wired FX Loop Jack
• Jack Plate w/Mounting Screws

RCA Cable:

• 2 lug RCA Cable and plug

Please follow the instructions detailed in the Vintage Vibe Wurly Amp Installation/Instruction Manual.