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Complete Case Hardware kit

£ 82.00 inc taxes

This brand new hardware kit has everything you need for any Rhodes Stage or Suitcase piano case. There are 4 types of kit available. For:

Stage piano with early model latches

Stage piano with later model latches

Suitcase piano with early style latches

Suitcase piano with later style latches

The Stage kits come with:

4 handles, 8 corners without a lip, 2 hinges, 8 bumper glides, 2 latches and screws.

The Suitcase kits come with:

6 handles, 8 corners without a lip, 8 corners with a lip, 12 bumper glides, 2 hinges, 2 latches and screws.

All the kits come with 2 latches. If your piano has more, then you will need to order them separately. Additionally if your piano requires the early hinges then please contact us before ordering so we can arrange to make you a custom kit.